Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal is getting an expansion

There are thousands of mods that make Skyrim prettier, more convenient, ridiculous, more fun, more immersive, and absolutely hilarious. Which is great and all, but none of those really come close to Enderal, a colossal mod that takes Skyrim and turns it into an almost completely fresh, standalone experience.

Well, it looks like Enderal is set to become even more massive soon, thanks to a DLC expansion called Forgotten Stories. The DLC is expected to drop sometime next year and will add “10-20 hours of new quest content, as well as improving several aspects of the main game.” Teaser trailer below.

The expansion was announced in a post on mod developer SureAI’s official blog, which also serves as a quick overview of what players can expect. You can check it out right here.

Until more advanced modding tools for Skyrim Special Edition become available, Enderal and its expansion are exclusive to the original Skyrim. But don’t fret, there are a respectable amount of really cool mods already available for Skyrim SE.

Source: SureAI