Overwatch’s Tracer is gay, Russia isn’t cool with it

Overwatch has a pretty hefty roster of unique, diverse, endearing characters, it’s part of what makes the game so much fun to play. And now, it looks like that roster is even more diverse than we originally thought, as the game’s latest comic confirms that everyone’s favourite time manipulator prefers the fairer sex.

I think the comic handled the reveal quite well by not making a huge deal about it and moving on to the next story after a quick kiss. But Russia being Russia isn’t having any of it. Details below.

According to multiple tweets, anyone trying to access the comic on the Russian Overwatch site have been met with the comic’s cover along with this message (translated by another Twitter user): “In accordance with Russian law we cannot share this comic with our players on territory of Russian Federation.”

According to Wikipedia, the law in question might be the one that bans the distribution of “propaganda” to minors that promotes “non-traditional sexual relationships.”

Anyway, whether you’re super into “gay propaganda,” or just want to read a heartwarming story about some really cool video game characters, you can check out the comic right here.

Thanks, Kotaku!