Overwatch getting new heroes, game modes, maps, and a lot more in 2017

Since Overwatch‘s launch back in May, the game has become one of the most popular, well-received games in history. Part of its success can be attributed to Blizzard’s massive continuing support of the game, with fresh new content and fan-requested features.

According to a new Developer Update video posted on YouTube yesterday, it seems fans can expect the same level of support for the game in the coming year. The video outlines some of what Blizzard is working on for 2017, and it’s all rather exciting. Video and details after the jump.

After Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan talks a bit about the highs and lows of 2016, he gets into the really cool stuff, referring of course to all the things coming to the game next year. There’s talk of “multiple new heroes,” new game modes and maps, a customizable communication and spray wheels, improved team chat, better spectator mode, and finally a server browser. All of that is explained in the 12-minute video below.

Source: Overwatch on YouTube