Watch: Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram in action

A few days ago, Blizzard detailed all of the cool stuff it has planned for Diablo‘s 20th anniversary, like special events, items, portraits, and maps for Diablo III and the rest of its titles. The most exciting part of all of this is undoubtedly Diablo III‘s anniversary patch 2.4.3, which brings with it an event called The Darkening of Tristram, or just “the original Diablo sort of remade in Diablo III.”

The patch is “right around the corner,” but just to give fans a taste of what’s to come, Blizzard has uploaded a video showcasing the event in all its nostalgia-inducing glory. It’s below.

The video shows off a few main features of the recreated 16-floor Diablo dungeon, like the purposely dated-looking visuals, “tinnier” audio, new (old) animations, a locked camera, and there will be no more running in the halls, children.

Blizzard also took the time to explain some of the other changes and additions patch 2.4.3 will bring to the game over on its official site, like item updates, rift overhauls, bug fixes, and quality of life changes. All of which can be checked out here.

The Darkening of Tristram is a limited-time event that will run through January when it all kicks off.

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