Overwatch makes Pornhub’s top 15 most-searched things in 2016

I mean, you know, rule 34. And the cast of Overwatch is super sexy, if you’re into cyber gorillas and beardy dwarves and death fetishist mercs. And lesbians. So I guess it’s not exactly shocking that the game slipped in at #11 on Pornhub’s most popular search terms of 2016, but it is kind of shocking that it’s ahead of, uh, bum stuff.

What a time to be alive.

According to Pornhub’s very comprehensive report, with “its fast action and overtly sexualized characters, the game quickly became the subject of hundreds of fantasy porn parodies and tribute videos”. You can find relevant links for yourself, I’m sure. And although Lara Croft (predictably) claimed first place for hottest polygons, Overwatch‘s Tracer, D.Va, Mercy, Widowmaker, and Sombra also made the list.

Image source: Pornhub. Words I never expected to type on this website.

“It appears that the trend is moving more toward fantasy than reality. ‘Generic’ porn is being replaced with fantasy specific or scenario specific scenes. Is this as a result of boredom or curiosity?” asks sex therapist and author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50, Dr Laurie Betito. “One thing is certain; the typical ‘in-out, in-out’ no longer satisfies the masses, who are clearly looking for something different.”

… Different like morbidly obese post-apocalyptic pig-men in gas masks and leather? Hey, whatever works for you.

In related news, South Africa also made the list at #2 for most time spent per visit on the website, clocking in at an average of 10 minutes and 46 seconds. You could probably play a game of Overwatch in the same time, jeez.

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