QNA: What were your best and worst games of 2016?

Can you believe it’s 2016? Um. I mean 2017. You know, I was actually still typing “2015” until about November. And now it’s a whole new year, and all I got is a hangover, some bits of tinsel in my hair, and a flip-flop tan. Nobody important has died (yet), though, so I suppose that’s something, and – lo, hark, and OMG – it’s my first day back at work and also the first QNA of 2016 2017, and that’s got to be some sort of auspicious alignment of the planets or Monday or whatever.

Now, then, is the time that we remember the year gone by, and what we loved and hated about it. It’s that or cry into a tub of ice-cream because my holiday is over, and I choose the other one because I don’t have any ice-cream.

I’ll go first.

Best? Gears of War 4. Not actually my highest-rated game of the year – that was Overwatch, featuring a career-first score of 100, and a lot of Play of the Games as Torbjörn because I’m kind of an asshole – but definitely my most breathlessly anticipated game that totally lived up to the hype, and the new Horde mode is super rad. I’m all about Horde.

Obligatory special mention: Overwatch, obviously. Also Titanfall 2, which was absolutely amazing.

The worst for me was either Battleborn or No Man’s Sky or Steep. I can’t decide, but I actually paid for Battleborn so let’s go with that one. The even worster part? It’s because I somehow mixed it up with Overwatch. Shame on me. SHAME.

Your turn!