Your regularly scheduled programming resumes in 3… 2… 1…

Well, we all knew the day would come. The day the rest of the NAG Online crew returns to find I’ve irreparably damaged the site’s reputation, as well as its honourable standing among the entire gaming community. Today is that day.

Now, before I’m tarred, feathered, and whipped with an array of the highest quality USB cables I’m ever likely to see,  I’d like to thank everyone who dropped by NAG Online over the holidays to keep me company catch up on some totally rad gaming news. It’s been a blast. But hey, after I take my lickings, I’ll be right back at it. Maybe. Heartfelt music video tribute below.

Lolno, it’s just Filthy Frank.


Or, as suggested by NAG Online reader Alain Christians in the comments below, a much more wholesome alternative, and actually a better song. – Ed.


Yo, GTA V is free on the Epic Games Store until next week