Remember last month when Ubisoft opened signups to For Honor‘s closed beta? Well they did, and according to a brand new cinematic trailer, the beta officially kicks off later this month.

Starting on 26 January, players who signed up here will be able to participate in the War of the Factions, which sees players pledging allegiance to the Vikings, Samurai, or Knights. You’ll still be able to fight under the banner of any of the factions, but your performance will only contribute to the dominance of the faction you’ve allied with. More beta details and trailer below.

For Honor‘s closed beta will run from 26 January to 29 January, and will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Everyone who participates in the beta will be awarded “Emblems of Old,” which can be used in the full game to “adorn your weapons and armor with their distinction.” Any progress made during the beta will carry over once you buy the full game.

More information about the War of the Factions can be found on the game’s official website, but first, have a look at this pretty dark cinematic trailer.

For Honor should be out on 14 February.

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