I’ve just realised we’re living in the future, because I’d assumed box copies of games were still, like, a guaranteed thing. Apparently not so much! I suppose it’s not like we’ll need them when we’re living in oxygen-rich nutrient vats on colony ships without much extra packing space.

In the meantime, though, THQ Nordic has teamed up with Microsoft and 343 Industries to launch Halo Wars 2 for Windows 10 PC on real discs like it’s 1998, with a Standard Edition and razzle-dazzle Ultimate Edition both available in shops next month.

As one of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere games, a copy of Halo Wars 2 on PC also doubles-up with a digital copy for Xbox One, and the Ultimate Edition features four days of early access, an “enhanced” version of the original Halo Wars playable on both platforms, and a season pass that includes:

  • New Leaders with abilities that change the course of multiplayer matches
  • New Units that add to your multiplayer arsenal
  • New Blitz cards to collect and take into battle
  • New campaign missions that expand the Halo Wars 2 story


“After working on so many titles together with Microsoft in 2016, we are stoked to start the year with another partnership,” says THQ Nordic boss Lars Wingefors in the press stuff. “Being able to deliver such a big franchise to RTS and Halo fans alike, the opportunity to buy and own this game in a beautiful physical shape is something we appreciate a lot.”

The Ultimate Edition is out on 17 February, and the Standard Edition on 21 February.

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