QNA: What’s your most shameful confession?

Your most shameful gaming confession, I mean. We don’t want to know about that one time with the peanut butter and the wet shoe and the tennis racquet with the hole cut in the middle.

I told you when don’t want to know about it, jeez, shut up.

I’ll go first.

I haven’t played the first Half-Life. I know, I know, SHAME, bells, sent to bed without supper, the whole lot. Thing is, would it even be a good game now? I dunno. Gamers, like everybody else, like to reminisce wistfully about how-things-used-to-be without real consideration for, um, actual reality. And, just in case you forgot, this is what Half-Life looks like.

Anti-aliasing wasn’t even invented yet.

Also, the game apparently included jumping puzzles, and that’s totally a crime.

Obligatory special mention: I cheated through the whole last mission in Warcraft III because it was too hard.

Your turn!