Now, I’m no DC Comics expert, but… wait, there’s no but. I’m actually really bad with DC Comics stuff. All I know is that Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and the like are the yang to Bane, Deadshot, Brainiac, and Poison Ivy’s yin, and Batman and Robin are (mostly) pretty chill with each other. OR ARE THEY!? Gasp! Find out in the trailer below.

“The line between hero and villain has become blurred as the most epic battle in the DC universe rages on in Injustice 2,” reads the description of the game’s first story trailer. “While Batman has emerged the victor in his battle against the Regime, a new threat arises and poses the ultimate threat to Earth.”

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening, but it’s amazing.

NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 is expected to launch on 16 May for PS4 and XBO, and Matt believes it has “as much potential as the last one to be both a good fighting game, and a good superhero game.”

Source: Official Injustice

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