It’s me, Dane. We haven’t spoken in a while. That’s my bad. I’ve been doing some really intense chicken farming lately, and working on my cello skills. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not I’m speaking truths.

Lately, my brain’s latched onto the idea of pumping out semi-regular, NAG-flavoured video content. It’s been a long time coming, and our bodies are finally ready to start doing video magic.

I’d like to start off as modestly as possible, seeing as said video content will be entirely created by me and my time-starved, hopeless, talentless face. Michael and I think that a good starting point for this Fresh Endeavour would be compilations of user-submitted footage. Not only will it allow me the chance to cut my teeth on video production, but it’ll get you lot involved as well.

The idea is simple. Presumably, you all play games. Sometimes, funny/awesome shit happens in those games. And sometimes, you’ll have captured footage of that funny/awesome shit in action. You want to show your funny/awesome shit to the world, but you require the perfect platform to do so. That’s where we come in.

All you’d have to do is send us short clips of your shiniest, proudest gaming moments, and I’ll turn the clips we receive into fancy compilations and post them to our YouTube channel. You’ll be famous! Need an example of the sort of clips I’m talking about? Look at this thingy.

It’d be kiiind of like the letters section in that old thing THE NAG MAGAZINE, but new and shiny and digital. Actually, it doesn’t even strictly have to be video game footage. If you’ve recorded videos of assorted funny/awesome shenanigans, and it’s even loosely related to video games, you could send that in too.

So, the question is: is this even a thing you want in your life, either as a viewer or a video-submitting superstar? And if so, show of hands how many of you would actually be prepared to regularly submit footage for us to loot and pillage? Let us know in the comments below.