Local indie developer The Brotherhood’s Beautiful Desolation Kickstarter campaign is live

These Bischoff guys are busy. They’ve only just shoved Cayne out the airlock, and now a Kickstarter campaign has launched to fund their next project, an ’80s retro-futuristic sci-fi adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic Africa called Beautiful Desolation, also featuring mullets and a robo-dog and Table Mountain.

And it looks befok.

The Cape Town studio is looking to bank $120,000 (approximately R1.6 million) pledge-munnies to make the game, which is already in pre-production with an estimated three years of development still on the clock. The Brotherhood’s first game Stasis closed its own Kickstarter campaign at just over $130,000 in 2013, and shipped two years later. Beautiful Desolation is a more ambitious game, however, using photogrammetry tech to generate 3D models and textures from real world scenery and custom miniatures, and then rendered into 2D isometric visuals.

The result is something that looks like Fallout: New Africa, but much… much weirder than that, even.

More as it happens, but in the meantime, take a look at some of these videos and screenshots and get hyped. This is something extraordinary.

DISCLOSURE BECAUSE ETHICS AND STUFF. I worked with The Brotherhood on Cayne, and I sometimes share Alien jokes with Chris and Nic on Facebook.

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