Last year saw the triumphant return to form of gaming’s favorite bald antihero, Agent 47, in the episodic Hitman. The episodic formula was a credit to the game, allowing players to really become familiar with each level, learning everything about them while waiting for the next episode. Tying in with the upcoming disc launch, IO Interactive have announced a new elevated difficulty mode, bringing a greater level of challenge for veterans and newcomers.

It’s called the Professional difficulty level, and it will be free to all Hitman players. This is being done to encourage replayabilty, and likely to keep players invested until Season 2 launches. According to a post by IO, Professional difficulty will be available on all story missions besides the tutorial, but will only unlock after reaching Mastery Level 20 for that stage. Professional difficulty will enhance enemy AI, limit your save games, impose item restrictions, alter how disguises work, and offer its own set of rewards and a leaderboard. However, Elusive Targets and Escalation Targets will not be available in Professional difficulty. For a full list of the changes, check out the image below:

Hitman is available for PS4, Steam, and Xbox One, and will launch on disc on 31 January 2017. Check out our review for more information.

Source: IO Interactive

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