Codemasters announces DiRT 4

DiRT 4 is coming, and soon! A surprise announcement by Codemasters this past weekend caught just about every rally enthusiast off-guard. Ever since the release of DiRT Rally, Codemasters has been very quiet about their next installation in the series, and Rally took the series back to its hardcore roots. DiRT 4 looks to do much the same, but it’s also taking all the elements that players loved from DiRT 2 and DiRT 3, and incorporating them into the don’t-give-a-damn attitude that Rally introduced to players. This makes me all giddy inside.

DiRT 4 will play host to an official FIA Rallycross Championship license, which means that you’ll be able to race on all the official FIA Rallycross tracks for the 2017 year, as well as drive all the licensed cars that come with it. There’ll be tracks that cater for dune buggies, trucks (TRUCKS!), and crosskarts, which are really strange frankenstein go-kart creations that can go off-road and somehow don’t roll over with ease.

Aside from the FIA tie-in, DiRT 4 also includes official tracks from four countries around the world, namely Australia, Spain, Sweden, and Wales. Somehow, there are also tracks based on rallies held in the state of Michigan, U.S. Michigan has a lot of water-logged rallies, so aquaplaning over those puddles should be fun, and it’s home to General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Codemasters included a handy bullet list of features and game modes you can expect from DiRT 4, which you can peruse below.

  • Over 50 of the most breathtaking off-road cars ever built – Including Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru WRX STI NR4 and Audi Sport quattro S1 E2
  • Five incredible rally locations with millions of routes – Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden & Wales
  • The official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship – Race at Montalegre, Lohéac Bretagne, Hell, Holjes & Lydden Hill in a multitude of different series
  • Landrush – Short-course dirt track racing in Pro Buggies, Pro-2 Trucks, Pro-4 Trucks and Crosskart vehicles in California, Nevada and Mexico
  • Joyride – Laptime challenges, smash challenges, free-play area and send challenges to friends
  • DiRT Academy – Taking place at the DirtFish Rally School in Washington, USA, learn the skills, techniques and practice to become the best!
  • Career Mode – create your driver, compete across the disciplines, gain sponsors and build your team with clear goals and rewards
  • Competitive Gaming – Daily, weekly and month-long challenges against fellow players from around the world
  • Next generation of RaceNet – Live ladder, leagues and tournaments, cross-platform leaderboards, enhanced CREST telemetry system
  • Tuning – Tweak your set-up based on vehicle, track and weather conditions to best suit your racing style
  • Damage & Repairs – Wear and tear is faithfully recreated with an improved and realistic damage model. Damage can be repaired by hiring Engineers to work in the team’s Service Area between stages but with a finite amount of time available.

There are currently no listed specifications for PC gamers to look at, but DiRT 4 should be based on the DirectX 11-based EGO 4.0 engine that powered DiRT Rally, a great-looking game that is surprisingly CPU-limited. F1 2016 can launch on systems with dual-core processors, but it needs relatively high amounts of clock speed to hit the 60fps mark. Also, in the game’s announcement trailer, it looks like they may have included tweaks to the engine, because they use a night-time rally track which suggests that EGO 4.0 now supports HDR rendering as well. That’s going to look great on HDR-supporting monitors.

DiRT 4 launches simultaneously for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms on 6 July 2017. You can pre-order it on Steam here. A Linux port of the game hasn’t been announced yet, but with the port of F1 2015 completed by Feral Interactive and running reasonably well, it’s quite possible that DiRT 4 will arrive on Linux before the year is over. Check out the launch trailer below!