With the launch of Halo Wars 2 coming up at the end of the month, Xbox One RTS players are probably wondering what’s up with mouse and keyboard support for games on the console – because it’s definitely a thing that’s happening, but nobody knows exactly when. Responding to a fan’s question about it on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that it won’t be out in time for this game, boo, but it’s “something we’d like to add as it comes to the Xbox platform”. Whenever that is. Halo Wars 3, maybe.

I actually played the ongoing beta recently, and I’m not totally convinced that a keyboard and mouse would substantially improve it on console, though. But perhaps that’s just me. I’m left-handed and besides the scandalous paucity of decent gaming mice for people like me – there are dozens of us, DOZENS! – I’ve also always found keyboard controls to be mostly unintuitive and pointlessly complicated in RTS games. Go on, call me a casual. I wear pyjamas to work, anyway.

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