Ubisoft is releasing a documentary film to go with Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a fictional game, but it’s based on the very real, and very terrible cocaine industry and narcoterrorism in South America. There’s a reason why countries in the region consistently rank among the world’s most dangerous, and it’s not the spicy food or the tyrannical grannies.

Ahead of the game’s launch next month, Ubisoft is releasing a feature-length documentary film that presents “one of the most revealing insights to date into the drug trade in South America, and the battle to contain it” that isn’t Narcos on Netflix. Although Narcos is super interesting too.

Hosted by Rusty Young, author of the New York Times best-seller Marching Powder (based on the true life story of convicted English drug trafficker Thomas McFadden, who did time in Bolivia’s infamous San Pedro prison), the film includes the “fascinating stories of characters from both sides of the law, from the coca farmers, through the drug supply chain, to the Special Forces soldiers fighting the war on drugs – to get a raw snapshot of drug trafficking and production in South America”.

Of course, in the game you’ll probably just shoot most of them.

Film’s out on 6 March, although the press stuff doesn’t confirm how or where exactly.