Sunless Skies Kickstarter campaign already funded

Sunless Sea was a top-down adventure game that sent players on a journey onto an underground sea. It was well received, combining the world of Fallen London with exploration and cosmic horror. Failbetter Games announced a sequel, Sunless Skies, last year, and a Kickstarter campaign began recently to fund it. Unsurprisingly, people really want a Victorian Gothic space-faring steampunk adventure game, and it has already been funded.

At time of writing, the campaign has nearly £150,000, exceeding its goal of £100,000. According to the Kickstarter page, Sunless Skies takes place ten years after its predecessor, in an age of Victorian space travel. Players will captain a spacefaring locomotive, explore the cosmos, ferry passengers, trade, and learn stories. The gist of the story is that the stars, which are sentient and vastly intelligent, are dying out. Furthermore, the frontier of space is embroiled in a war between the Empire, settlers who want to govern themselves, and various corporations. Furthermore, there’s something about Queen Victoria being in charge of time itself, handing out time as a reward, or locking prisoners in a special time prison. Maybe it’s a plot point in Fallen London, but it sounds like something from Doctor Who or a Terry Pratchett novel.

Long story short, Failbetter promises that there will be a lot going on in Sunless Skies, and that your captain can play a pivotal role in all it. Should your captain die, players can respawn at the nearest spaceport, or continue their voyage as a new character, forced to deal with the choices and developments the previous one caused.

Sunless Skies is fully funded, but the campaign will end on 3 March 2017. The estimated launch date is May 2018, and there are still backer rewards to claim.