For Honor has a season pass, here’s what it’ll get you

I don’t like spending more money on a game than absolutely necessary, it’s just the way I am. If I buy a dozen eggs, I don’t want to have to pay extra for the yolk. And while I feel it’s semi-acceptable in some cases, like story DLC in The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4, competitive multiplayer games just shouldn’t do it. But if they do, I hope it’s like the season pass for Ubisoft’s For Honor.

The developer recently uploaded a video detailing just how its season pass would work, and I’m kind of into it. While it does offer some pretty sweet exclusive goodies like elite outfits, all other essential content such as new maps and heroes will be free to all.

Here’s a list of all the exclusive exclusiveness included in the season pass as seen on Ubisoft’s official blog:

  • Six new Heroes – These will be released in batches of two at the beginning of each new season of the Faction War. Season Pass owners will have access to these Heroes seven days before they are available to all players. After the Season Pass early access period, these Heroes can be unlocked with Steel, For Honor‘s in-game currency that can be earned by completing matches and in-game challenges.
  • Six elite outfits to customize the new heroes.
  • Exclusive sunbeam effect on emotes for all Heroes
  • Three exclusive emblem outlines
  • Three scavenger crates that unlock additional gear
  • 30-Day Champion Status – Gives XP boosts to you and your friends, as well as more XP from crafting and more loot at the end of matches.

The post also detailed some of the free DLC that will be headed to the game over the coming months, like new modes, maps, and gear that “will be available to all players, but Season Pass owners will have an early access period for some elements of this content as well.” The above video outlines all of this pretty well and states that “free updates will also add new features and gameplay modes beginning with tournaments and ranked mode coming later this year.”

For Honor will be out on 14 February for PC, PS4, and XBO.

Source: Ubiblog

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