Giblets: The next PS4 system update will add support for external hard drives

You can tell I don’t play very much on my PS4 because my first thought was, “Uh. Wait. What? It doesn’t already?” Guys. It doesn’t already. But it’s going to when the console’s next system update drops, apparently, so it’s okay.

According to Sony, with the PS4 system update version 4.5, you’ll be able to attach hard drives of up to 8 TB in size, and download and install applications onto them. Like the Xbox One, however, the console will support only USB 3.0 hard drives – although that’s most hard drives now in 2017, so whatever.

One of the most useful things about external hard drive support on Xbox One is that you can copy games between consoles, saving extra downloads and precluding those immensely tragic incidents of bandwidth capping in multiple console homes or at LAN parties (… I still do LAN parties like it’s 1999). Whether or not you’ll be able to do this on PS4 is a matter of speculation for the moment, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t also be possible.

No public launch date has been confirmed, but it’s dropping for beta program users today so you can probably expect this one out soon.