QNA: Do you ever cheat in games?

Nobody likes cheaters. Not even cheaters like cheaters, which also makes cheaters hypocrites and nobody likes hypocrites either. That makes cheaters double bad. But today’s news about Overwatch players using third-party input converters to enable mouse and keyboard support on console got me thinking about what exactly constitutes “cheating” anyway, how and why people do it, and if it’s ever maybe okay.

You know, asking for a friend.

I’ll go first.

Not ever in a multiplayer game, but I used cheats through most of the last level in Warcraft III because, fine, whatever, I was totally rubbish at Warcraft III but I wanted to finish it. And – THE SHAME – it wasn’t even the only time. I cheated in the original Theme Park when I was, like, 10. I cheated in The Sims 2, but so did everybody else. And actually, I lied about not cheating in a multiplayer game because this one time, two friends and I glitched through the geometry in Red Dead Redemption, massacred an entire town, and then killed a lot of other players who wanted to cash in the bounty on our murderous heads. I mean, they were trying to kill us too, but… they technically couldn’t find us. Also, if, uh, tactically surveilling my husband’s TV counts as cheating in a multiplayer game, oops, I did it again.

It’s kind of hard not to, though.

Your turn! Confess your sins and be cleansed.

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