Stranger Things 2 teaser trailer released

Have you watched the Netflix Original series Stanger Things? You should, it’s amazing, and us NAG folk have said so numerous times. Fortunately, Netflix also thinks it’s amazing, and the series was quickly renewed for another season. A trailer for Stranger Things 2 was shown off at the Super Bowl, and now I’m sad because it isn’t Halloween and I can’t watch the show yet.

Damn, so exciting. The trailer doesn’t give away too much, just that Eleven is back, the season takes place around Halloween, and some massive and spooky sh*t is going to go down. According to IMDB, Stranger Things 2 will have nine episodes, and most of the season one cast is back.

Stranger Things 2 will launch on Netflix this Halloween. Keep in mind, Halloween is on 31 October, but the show may launch a little before that. We can’t be friends if you haven’t watched season one, and you can check that out on Netflix.

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