Psychonauts 2 shows off art style, announces publisher

Psychonauts 2 still feels like a game many didn’t expect to ever see. The sequel to Tim Schafer’s 2005 cult-popular-but-commercial-failure Psychonauts made a splash when it was announced and quickly funded through Fig, and now developer Double Fine Productions has released an “Art Test” video to show off their vision for the art style, and also drop some announcements about the game.

In case you didn’t watch it, the game’s current build is pretty. Really, really, pretty. Its art design is similar to Psychonauts, with a Tim Burton-esque cartoonishness to it. The video was presented by Tim Schafer, Double Fine CEO and gaming’s “cool uncle”, and Zak McClendon, the project lead. They specified that the footage in the art test would not be present in the final game, and was just put together to show off what an environment could look like, as well as Raz’s animations.

In other Double Fine news, the team will be partnering with Starbreeze Studios to publish Psychonauts 2. Starbreeze has previously worked on Payday 2, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Dead by Daylight as publishers. Pyschonauts 2 is scheduled to launch in 2018, for Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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