This 360-degree For Honor trailer is brutal, kinda neat

Another day, another heart-stopping For Honor trailer to whet your appetite for the game’s 14 February release. Honestly, I’ve seen so much of this game just from trailers I’m practically a master at it already, but I’ve never seen it in super-cinematic three-hundred-and-sixty degrees.

The trailer plops us right in the middle of a raging battle, with comrades fighting and dying all around. It’s a bleak, tense, and oh-so-cool thing to behold.

“What is left when everything around you crumbles?” asks the trailer’s description. Well, as said description also answers, it’s honour. That’s what’s left.

If you’re thinking of picking up For Honor when it launches on PC, PS4 and XBO later this month, have a look at our hands-on impressions over here, and while you’re at it, check out what’ll be included in the game’s season pass here. If you’d like to have a go at the game yourself, you can sign up for the For Honor open beta (running from 9 to 12 February) right here.

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