Server browser and custom game tweaks for Overwatch detailed in new developer update

Overwatch‘s developer update videos are great, keeping players in the loop about changes coming to the game, and revealing new additions before they’re implemented.

In the latest episode, game director Jeff Kaplan introduces the long-awaited server browser feature, details the many changes and additions coming to custom games, and confirms that the recently introduced capture the flag mode will be sticking around indefinitely.

First up, the server browser. I usually use the server browser in games like Battlefield 1 to find a match that offers the best ping, lets me play the modes I want to play and the maps I want to play them on, and whatever else I’m in the mood for. Soon we’ll get to do all that using Overwatch‘s new server browser.

Next, Kaplan talks about some of the cool things in the works for custom games. While the video focuses heavily on these new options, undoubtedly the biggest and most exciting change of all is that players will be able to earn experience while playing said modes.

Lastly, Kaplan confirms that the (pretty damned fun) capture the flag mode introduced during the game’s latest seasonal event is here to stay. The mode will become available in the custom games section and will include nine new, converted maps to play on.

If you want to try out the new server browser feature before it goes live for everyone, you can do so in the game’s PTR (Public Test Realm) over here. Also currently running on the PTR is the revamped Bastion. See what he’s all about here.