Pokémon Go’s Valentine’s Day event kicks off today, extra candy and pink things abound

I recently stopped regularly playing Pokémon Go, partly because I somehow (lots and lots of porn) burned through my data plan in a week, but mostly because it’s gotten more than a little stale. It’s been many months since the game’s release, and we’re still left without features like trading, PVP battling, a tracker that works as advertised, a full second generation rollout, and even legendary events as shown in the original trailer.

But I haven’t entirely lost faith in Pokémon Go just yet, and events like the game’s recently announced Valentine’s Day thing which offers more candy and higher chances of running into pink Pokémon might just lure some players back.

Niantic’s Valentine’s Day Pokémon Go event is officially live and will remain so until 15 February. The event will see players getting double the usual candy for transferring, hatching, and catching Pokémon, and will let each Lure Module used last for a whopping six hours. The update will also improve your chances of encountering Porygon, Clefable, and Chansey in your area, and improve the hatch rate of Igglybuff, Cleffa, and Smoochum. Oh, buddy Pokémon will now also discover candy “twice as fast!”

“Grab your valentine, get out, and explore the world around you!” reads the official announcement post.