Humble Bundle launches its own publishing platform

Since 2010, Humble has made a name for itself with its iconic Humble Bundles, eventually moving on to opening a store page and offering a monthly subscription. Now it’s launching its own publishing and funding platform, with the promise of supporting and curating a library of games across multiple platforms.

According to a statement on the Humble Bundle blog, the move is being done to help developers better find an audience. The games will carry a “presented by Humble” label, and the company is promising that “developers can choose the services they need, making Humble Bundle a truly modern and adaptable publisher”. Considering that Humble reaches roughly 10 million customers, the service will likely help promising indie games to succeed and not get lost in the masses.

Humble Publishing’s first wave of titles features seven diverse games, namely A Hat in Time, Staxel, Scorn, Ikenfell, HackyZack, Keyboard Sports, and No Truce with the Furies. The company has also launched a submission form, so developers can submit their game for consideration.

Source: Humble Bundle