Into the Breach announced by FTL developers

There are two main reasons to be excited for Into the Breach. Either you’re a fan of FTL, the developers previous game, or you’re a fan of Pacific Rim. Point is, the developers of a stellar stellar roguelike have just announced another roguelike, and it’s got turn-based strategy, mechs, and kaijus.

Into the Breach puts players in control of a team of time travelling mech pilots, who must save cities and civilians from the monstrous Vek. According to Subset Games, the developers, new pilots can be recruited and mechs customised with unique components and weapons throughout the course of the game. The battles look highly strategic, with destructible environments, and coordinated combo attacks. Being defeated uses the time mechanics as well, as players are sent to defend another randomly generated timeline.

Into the Breach doesn’t have a release date yet, but Subset Games says it will launch “when we feel it’s ready.” However, they have confirmed the game will come to Linux, Mac, and PC, and a Steam page has been launched as well.