Local indie game Semblance gets its first wibbly, wobbly teaser trailer

Oh hey, remember this one from our rAge HypeBot 5000’s rAge hypestream back in October? It’s back, now with 100% more added teaser trailers. Developed by South African and Kenyan studio Nyamakop, Semblance is an “experimental” puzzle game featuring lots of squeezy, jiggly stuff. It’s not quite as erotic as it sounds.

“You can deform and mould the world, and you can do the same to your character,” designer Ben Myres told us. “In a world of soft things, an infection of hard, crystalline material has begun to appear, killing the world around it. By moulding your character and shaping the world, you collect essence to bring your soft and bouncy world back to life.”

First started as a university project, Nyamakop is now working on a full version of the game for launch on PC and Mac sometime in 2017. In the meantime, though, you can keep up with what’s what over on its official website.