Super Friendship Arcade is hosting a very romantic evening for indie developers and gamers in Cape Town this weekend

Local “experimental game-punk” party ministry Super Friendship Arcade is having a date night on Friday, and you’re invited. And you. And you. And you, and you, and you. It’s basically an orgy of indie games, custom-built controllers, and cheap booze, also featuring an “emergency glitter station”. Oooooh.

It’s happening at Hectic on Hope on 17 February from 20:00, and according to Facebook, the event includes:

  • Games! Games! Games!
  • Playful multi-partner magic!
  • Super sexy solo experiences!
  • Custom-built arcade controllers!
  • Digital DIY Décor hacks!
  • Hyper-cute dress code!
  • Emergency glitter station!
  • Cheap beer!
  • Free high fives!

It doesn’t say what it costs to get in, but I expect there’s some sort of charge involved. Maybe hugs. It’s R50, and hugs are optional.