Humble Freedom Bundle launched

You might have noticed, but there’s a great amount of discontent in America. President Trump is in power, his cabinet is tweeting typos, and nobody can figure out why the Imperial March is playing on repeat.

One of Trump’s most controversial moves has been the drafting of the Immigration Ban executive order, which will bar entry to immigrants from particular Muslim countries the administration believe are dangerous. The order is affecting the gaming industry, leading to figures like Insomniac Games and the GDC voicing their opposition. The latest to do so is Humble Bundle, who have just launched their Freedom Bundle in support of those fighting the Immigration Ban.

The Humble Freedom Bundle is a unique offering from the organisation. It’s only available until 20 February in limited quantities, there’s only one tier, and every cent pledged goes to charity. Furthermore, Humble will donate $300,000 as well. This may also be the largest Bundle to date, with 47 items included. It largely consists of games, but there are a few DRM free ebooks thrown in as well.

Paying more than $30 gets you the whole Bundle, and more items may be added soon. The full list includes Stardew Valley, Octodad, The Witness, The Stanley Parable, Super Meat Boy, Song of the Deep, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and Subnautica. All in all, the Bundle is worth over $600, and is certainly worth checking out.

All proceeds will support three charities, each of which deals with refugee and civil laws in some capacity. Namely they are the American Civil Liberties Union, the International Rescue Committee, and Doctors without Borders. If this sounds like your kind of cause, give the Humble Freedom Bundle a look and consider supporting it.