Giblets: AMD’s 2017 Capsaicin event scheduled for 28 February

AMD has announced the date for this year’s Capsaicin event, which the company used last year to detail their new Polaris graphics cards. At the event, they also gave the public their first look at an extended product roadmap for the newly formed Radeon Technologies Group, hinting at things to come. This year’s event takes place on 28 February and is called “Capsaicin & Cream”. It’s a strategically important date because it is two days away from AMD’s lecture at GDC 2017 going in-depth on their new Ryzen processors on 2 March 2017, and AMD is either planning to talk about Ryzen and Vega at Capsaicin & Cream, or they’re launching Ryzen at an earlier date, and keeping all the Vega news and discussion until later on. Much excite!

Source: Eteknix