PSA: Rocket League and NBA 2K17 are free to play on Xbox One this weekend

Microsoft is throwing one of those “Multiplayer All-Access” parties this weekend, and everybody’s invited, woo! From today until Sunday, you can download and play Rocket League and NBA 2K17 on Xbox One for totally freebies, and both games are also on special at the same time in case you want to make this casual thing more serious. In theory, anyway – for some reason, NBA 2K17 is still listed as a pre-order on our local Xbox Live Marketplace, so if you’re using a South African account, you might have problems with that one. Do people even play NBA 2K17 over here, though? I dunno.

Xbox Live Gold subscription restrictions for online multiplayer are also dropped 16-19 February for all games on Xbox One and Xbox 360, so get out and have some fun.