Blizzard details big changes coming to Hearthstone in the next 12 months

Blizzard has taken to Hearthstone‘s official page to preview some of what fans of the collectible card game can expect over the next year. Dubbed the Year of the Mammoth, this includes changes to the game’s Standard format, including the retirement of many older cards from the game’s classic card set, as well three of Hearthstone’s earlier expansion packs. Now for the exciting part – three 130-card expansions will arrive throughout the year and will do so without “Adventures” to back them up. More details below.

The full post is really heavy on the details, but here’s the gist of it.

All of the cards included in Hearthstone‘s Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers expansions will be dropped from the game’s Standard format and moved to the Wild mode. Also, for the first time ever, classic cards aren’t safe from the switch to Wild anymore. The Azure Drake, Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnaros the Firelord, Power Overwhelming, Ice Lance, and Conceal cards will also go the way of said expansions.

If you own any of the classic cards being dropped, you’ll be given “the full dust value” of all of them upon logging in when the Year of the Mammoth kicks off. You’ll still keep the cards, but you’ll get their dust to spend on new cards, which is pretty cool.

Hearthstone’s new content has, up until now, come in the form of both expansions and Adventures. Now it seems Adventures as we’ve come to know them will be scrapped in the new year. Instead, Blizzard plans to release three 130-card expansions, the first coming at the start of this year, one somewhere in the middle, and another closer to the end of the year.

Fans of previous Adventures will be happy to know that the developer will “take the storytelling and cool missions of Adventures, and combine them with the card pools of expansions.” This means that you’ll be able to get new cards via packs, and if you’re looking for a bit of story, you’ll also get a few optional single-player missions.

The reasoning for all the changes can be found over here.