Watch Dogs 2’s Human Conditions expansion includes killer cars

After the steaming pile of steaminess that was the original, I’m finding myself thoroughly enjoying Watch Dogs 2. It’s a fantastically solid game that has about a thousand times more attitude than the first. Which is why more of it is something I’m really looking forward to.

Speaking of more things, Ubisoft has just revealed some sweet details and footage for Watch Dogs 2‘s upcoming DLC called Human Conditions. The pack will include okay things like a new enemy type and more co-op challenges, but what I’m most looking forward to are the three new story missions, one of which includes cars that decide whether you live or die. Fun!

A video accompanying the announcement on Ubisoft’s official blog teases some of what to expect in two of the three new story operations. The first mission is called Bad Medicine, and it’ll see Marcus taking on a group of Russian mobsters who’ve infected local hospitals with ransomware. The mission will also feature Jordi Chin, a more memorable character from the original Watch Dogs than its protagonist. The second mission, Automata, centres around self-driving cars and the horrifying things they could be programmed to do unless Marcus and company throw a wrench in the works. Check it out below.

Human Conditions will release first for PS4 on 21 February (tomorrow), and on 23 March for the rest of us. Grab it as part of the game’s season pass for R629 on PS4, or R499 on PC.