Australia becoming playable in Civilization 6

Since its release in late 2016, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI has been well received and popular with players. Unlike previous games in the series, new civilisations are being added one at a time, the first being Poland in December 2016. The next nation joining the roster will be Australia, marking the debut of the land down-under to the series. Like other playable civs, Australia will have its own unique units, structures, and abilities, and a first-look video has been released to detail these.

Australia will be led by John Curtin, the 14th Prime Minister, and leader of the nation during World War II. The Aussies benefit from coastal cities, which grant additional housing, and other structures (such as universities and religious buildings) built on “Charming” or “Breathtaking” tiles will produce higher yields. Their unique tile improvement, the Outback Station, increases the yields of adjacent pastures, and allows them to perform culture bombs.

In warfare, Australia favours fighting defensively. John Curtin’s unique ability, Citadel of Civilisation, grants bonus production when a defensive war starts, and when Australia liberates a city. Replacing the infantry unit is the Digger, based on a real-life troops who fought in both World Wars. This unit gets buffs while fighting near the coast, or outside of its territory.

There is no concrete release date for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Australian Civilization yet, but the Steam store page just points to “Summer 2017”. Locally, that’s during winter, to those following at home. There also isn’t a price yet, but the previously released Poland Civilization sells for R55, and it’s likely this will too.