Latest Prey trailer explores Mimic Matter ability

Do you dream of one day becoming an apple? How about a pizza box, a chair, a picture frame, or maybe even a banana? Who doesn’t, right? Well, according to a new trailer for the Prey reboot, the game will finally let us play out our beautiful fantasies.

We already have a fairly good understanding of what Prey is all about thanks to a host of trailers and details, including the abilities players will get to play around with. One of these abilities is called Mimic Matter, and it’ll allow players to morph into any of 400 inanimate objects – some more impressive than others – as showcased in the video below.

“Acquired from the diminutive (and aptly named) Mimic Typhon, this power allows you to take the form of just about any appropriately sized object aboard Talos I,” says the description. “You’ll start small – a coffee mug, a teapot, a lamp, a banana – but as you level up this ability, you’ll soon be able to mimic more complex objects, including an impressive array of security turrets and Operator robots.”

Prey is currently in development by Arkane Studios, the same people responsible for the fantastic Dishonored franchise, and will be launching on PC, PS4 and XBO on 5 May.

Full details about the game can be found here.

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