Not even Mads Mikkelsen knows what exactly is going on in Death Stranding

So it’s not just me. We don’t know very much about Hideo Kojima’s new PS4 exclusive game besides the dolphins, ropes, and Norman Reedus’s bum stuff, and what we do know, we don’t understand. But that’s okay. Nobody does, including actor Mads Mikkelsen, who’s actually in the game.

Talking at Saudi Comic Con in Jedda last month, Mikkelsen admitted that when he met up with Kojima to discuss the project, it was all a bit (a lot) complicated.

“He was trying to tell me the whole plot of the game, and it’s so elaborate that… I mean, I got lost,” he said. “But I really wanted to learn more.”

He also talked about doing the motion capture for the game, and how it compares with making TV and movies.

“That is very different for an actor, because motion capture is standing in a green room, there’s nothing there, you have all these wires on your head, and five hundred cameras, and you do little things, and strange things, or exaggerated things,” he explained. “And eventually they can create the character themselves, which is completely different from what we do.”

TECHNOLOGY. In the future we won’t even need actors.


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