The Turok 2 remaster is headed for PC this month, here’s a gory new trailer

I’ve always been a little obsessed with dinosaurs, in case you haven’t noticed, but I’ve never really gotten into the whole Turok thing. Guess I’m more of a Dino Crisis kind of guy. But maybe that’ll change when Turok 2: Seeds of Evil hits PC later this month. I mean, the trailer makes it look like exactly my kind of thing: dinosaurs, more dinosaurs, and just to keep things fresh, EVEN MORE DINOSAURS.

Iguana Entertainment and Night Dive Studios are both credited for remastering the dino-massacre simulator, and according to the game’s Steam page, it’ll be out as soon as 16 March. Other than the usual updated visuals, the remaster will also sport “a host of new enemies, new weapons, new mission, new locations and a new multiplayer mode”. The new multiplayer mode is called Last Turok Standing.

Check it all out in action below.

The game is expected to be available via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

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