Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass DLC gets a release date, intense trailer

It feels like months have gone by since DICE revealed all of the additional content coming to Battlefield 1. Except it hasn’t been months, it’s been like two days. But still.

Now, in case you somehow missed it, the first DLC pack for the game is dubbed They Shall Not Pass, and two days ago we had no idea when it would be coming out. Well, we do now, and DICE was nice enough to let us experience some of it in a gorgeously chaotic new trailer.

The expansion is slated for release on 14 March for Premium Pass holders, and two weeks later on 28 March for everybody else. It includes four new maps, a new game mode called Frontlines, new Elite classes, as well as new weapons and vehicles. More details over here.

But you can’t eat details. Well, you can’t eat bomb-ass trailers either, but they’re definitely more filling. Which is why I’ve embedded the expansion’s super intense trailer below. “The hardened veterans of the French Army join the fight in the first Battlefield 1 expansion, They Shall Not Pass,” says the description.

If you want to try the game before committing to a purchase, you’ll get your shot this weekend on Xbox One and PC thanks to a free trial running from 3 to 5 March.