Ubisoft reveals all of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ post-launch content, details season pass

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be out next week, and it’s a thing people seem to like quite a bit. Except for the Bolivian government. They’re not all that hyped about it. If you plan on getting the game, you’ll be happy to know that it’s in for some solid free and premium post-release goodies, including two major expansions, a PvP mode, seasonal challenges, and some other stuff.

An update on the Ghost Recon Wildlands blog serves as a preview of all the things Ubisoft is planning to add to the game over the coming months. First will be game updates, including a day-one patch. The blurb then talks about something called the Ghost Recon Network and Ghost Recon HQ (the game’s companion app). Next up are challenges, which will be themed short stories, kicking off soon after launch.

If you participated in any of the game’s beta events, and you’re planning on playing the full game before 31 March, you’ll gain access to the Unidad Conspiracy pack come April. Season pass holders get it for free just because, as well as the Peruvian Connection add-on which is available to those who pre-order the game. Now, let’s get into the good stuff: the game’s two major expansions, which season pass owners can access a week early.

DLC 1: Narco Road

“The game’s first major expansion will give you the full spectrum of narco life, as you tear through Bolivia using new vehicles in a series of fast-paced missions. Expect to face the most insane adversaries as you infiltrate three smuggling gangs and take out their leaders one by one until you reach the mastermind: El Invisible.

Along with its more eccentric tone, this new adventure will include more than a dozen new missions across four provinces, new vehicles, new weapons skins, and side activities, with everything being entirely playable in solo and in four-player co-op.”

DLC 2: Fallen Ghosts

“With Fallen Ghosts, get ready for your Spec Ops skills to be put to the test! After your chopper is shot down during an evacuation mission, your squad will be forced to adapt as you are tracked down by Los Extranjeros, an elite group of ruthless mercenaries. Fortunately, new weapons and skills will help you and your friends find the strength to escape!”

Last to be revealed is a free 4v4 PvP mode, which will see two squads battling it out to see who’s really the top dog – or, uh, Ghost.

A trailer showing off some of some of the new things is below.