League of Legends developer wins $10 million lawsuit against bot script service provider

And by “bot script service”, I mean “cheats”, because that’s what it is. Back in August 2016, Riot Games filed a case against LeagueSharp, a German company that provided a bot script service cheats to lazy assholes for a subscription fee of $15-50 per month, alleging that its bot scripts cheats infringed the game’s copyright by reverse-engineering its own code. LeagueSharp responded by doxing and threatening one of Riot’s employees, and posting rude stuff on that same employee’s social media accounts, because that’s totally the level of maturity we’d expect from a company whose business model is basically “winner at game, loser in life”.

U.S. District Judge Ronald S.W. Lee has now awarded Riot $10 million in damages plus control of LeagueSharp’s websites, and banned LeagueSharp from messing with Riot’s games in future. LeagueSharp has, perhaps not unexpectedly, shut down operations for the moment – although its website description on Google now includes something about EnsageSharp, “a tool for Dota2 that allows you to develop and use Dota2 scripts (Dota2 script) and Dota2 assemblies”, so I suppose they’ve not learned their lesson.

“As a result of our lawsuit with Riot, we have agreed to cease development and support for LeagueSharp and any other tools related to Riot Games,” LeagueSharp explained in a post that has since been deleted, but preserved forever by ClickOn eSports. “You also should be aware that using third-party tools in League of Legends may result in the suspension or banning of your account by Riot Games. We apologize for any pain we’ve caused to players of League of Legends.”

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Riot got the last LOL.


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Via GamesIndustry.