Ahead of the game’s launch later this month, BioWare has dropped a new Mass Effect: Andromeda “Exploration & Discovery” video that shows off its, uh, exploration and discovery stuff. And I’m not going to watch it, because I’ve already decided to get the game and I don’t want it spoiled. You’d think that’s a difficult prospect for a gaming writer, and you know what? It is. I’m writing an article about a video I haven’t even watched.

Okay, I watched, like, half a minute of it.

Okay, two minutes.

Okay, the whole thing. Because it’s my job, you guys, and because I have the incorruptible resolve of cake. Mmm. Cake.

In other Mass Effect: Andromeda news, the 10-hour first dibs trial version of the game for EA Access subscribers is apparently limited to only one section of the campaign, according to a report over on Eurogamer. So you won’t be able to rush through the whole thing then tell everybody how it ends. Boo.

Game’s out on 23 March.

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