Just Cause movie announced, starring Jason Momoa

Video game movies typically have a bad reputation, what with their inability to translate gaming’s immersion and interactivity into film’s passive viewing. However, that may change with the recently announced Just Cause movie, based on a game where the main character’s defining trait is “explosions”. As reported by Variety, a Just Cause adaptation is in the works, and it will star Khal Drogo Aquaman Jason Momoa. Why him? Well, given the game’s name, I think the joke writes itself…

Because Momoa is gaining prominence in adaptations of typically nerdy franchises. Did you expect me to say “JUST CAUSE!” as a snare drum rolled in the background? Come on, I’m slightly better than that.

Anyway, Brad Peyton, whose credits include San Andreas and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, will be directing. The script is being adapted by John Collee, the writer of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and Happy Feet. There’s no word on an expected release date, but Variety reports that shooting will begin soon. It’s also unclear if the adaptation will draw from one of the three games, or tackle an original story. In case you didn’t know, the Just Cause games centre around Rico Rodriguez, an operative routinely tasked with overthrowing corrupt dictators and their regimes. Explosions and hijinks ensue.

Source: Variety