The Coalition has solved Gears of War’s Gnasher problem

No, I don’t mean they’ve taken them out of the game. Where’s the fun in that? Gears of War is, was, and always will be a shotty-gibby-splatty series, and now even more so because developer The Coalition has worked out why the Gnasher sometimes doesn’t instantly kill players at point-blank range – a consistency issue that has been around since the first game. And the reason is because people cheat.

As multiplayer design director Ryan Cleven explains in the video below, the Gnasher fires not from its muzzle but further back, to prevent unscrupulous players from shooting through in-game geometry. So, up close, even though you’d expect all your doompellets to slam into your enemy’s face, some of them are actually missing the target entirely. Awkward.

With the March update for Gears of War 4, the developer has fixed this by making some basic mechanical alterations to the weapon.

“By moving the pellets a little further forward while still checking for that wall collision to make sure we still can’t shoot through walls,” Cleven says. “But the pellet spread is going to be a little bit tighter coming out of the gun.”

Launched yesterday, the same update also added two new multiplayer maps – Diner and a revamped version of Gears of War 3‘s Old Town – plus ranked lobbies to the game. Niiiiice.