Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s gameplay reveal features grudges, betrayals, and lots of blood

As expected, Monolith Productions has dropped its first proper Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay video, showing off the sequel’s revamped Nemesis system – which now extends beyond the Dark Lord’s curmudgeonly captains to actual locations in the world and even some erstwhile allies, as power couple Talion and Celebrimbor and their army of rebel orcs AND MY AXE save the world from Sauron.

In the video demo, Taliobrimbor must capture one of the enemy fortresses in Gondor, now occupied by Thrak Storm-Bringer, Bright Lord, glam-goth fashionista, and – record scratch! – a former comrade who was left for dead in a previous battle. And he was dead, it turns out, but Sauron used his black magics to bring him back, and now he’s super mad with Talion even though it’s not technically his fault. Then things get real.

Game’s out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 22 August.

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