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Greetings NAGullians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This week we have Bungie talking Destiny 1 support, Niantic admits Pokemon Go needs some work, Valve talks about their VR endeavours, Carmack takes the fight back to Zenimax and things get ugly, Nintendo talks Smash Bros on Switch, the System Shock remake is “first for PC” and the PS VR Aim controller looks hilariously stupid. All that, some videos and highlights from the week, after the jump.

Destiny 1 to be supported “for the foreseeable future”

Destiny 2 will be coming later this year, but according to Bungie that doesn’t mean they’ll be forgetting about all you original Gs. According to “Deej” anyway, who had this to say:

“We are celebrating the conclusion of the adventure of Destiny 1 – but that doesn’t mean the game’s done just yet.  Destiny 1 is still a game that will be there for players. We’ve planned to support it for the foreseeable future, so while we do have a sense of finality and closure as the theme of this [Age of Triumph] event, we are by no means turning the lights off on Destiny 1.”

Sounds promising, but then this next bit sounds more like they’ll be keeping the servers running, rather than actually updating the content. “If players decide, as they move on to new worlds, to experience new adventures and be told new stories in those spaces, if they decide they want to revisit the things that they did in Destiny 1, the game will still be there for them. And, for someone who might join the adventure in progress, and they might want to go back to the beginning and discover how it all started? Those origin stories will be waiting for them.”

So I guess by supported, they really mean “still allowed to exist”.

This is new PS VR Aim controller, try not to laugh

Man, who the hell approved this design?

I’m sure from a utilitarian standpoint it works well, but it looks like someone over at Barbie wanted to tap into the toy gun market and came up with this monstrosity.

I can’t think of anything less intimidating than this awkward white plastic toilet-roll holder with a pink pom-pom on the end of it.

Just look at the box art with that dude trying to look badass holding this thing. Oh man, what a disaster.

Niantic says Pokemon Go gyms need to change

Senior product manager for Pokemon Go said this week at GDC:

“The gym portion [of Pokémon Go] needs a lot more work, and we are trying to improve it and make a bigger change to how the system works. Overall, I think we need a little bit more time to think through how we do it.”

Holy crap dude you’re in charge of one really sub-par mobile game that’s success is based entirely on its IP, how much time do you need? He follows this up with:

“We needed to define [gyms] in a way that works in a mobile game. For example, we didn’t have … there’s no non-playable characters. That’s not how the game works. We’re an MMO, and we expect people to play with other people.”

He adds that the game in general “needs refinement”. Guys can we just be Honest Abes with ourselves for a nanosecond and confess that this is a dumpster fire of a game? Nothing about the Pokemon Go system is well-designed, it just taps into people’s psychological obsession with collecting things.

Anyways, look out for them new gyms I guess. Ugh.

Valve “sticking with software”

Nope, it’s not what you think. After the Steam Controller came and went like a fart in the wind, Valve has set its sights firmly on VR. But the company isn’t too interested in handling the hardware side, and is instead partnering with tech giants to get that part of the job done.

After jumping into bed with HTC for the Vive, Valve is now partnering with LG to do another headset that works alongside Steam VR. According to a senior exec, this is just the second of many VR headsets to come.

This is because Valve is giving away Steam VR to anyone who will have it, sharing their VR R&D with all and sundry. Their goal is to “lift up the VR experiences that are being made”, which makes sense as the company is actively developing several VR games.

They’re pretty hands-off when it comes to the hardware side, leaving all of that to LG. Valve pushing VR heavily will do a lot to bring it into the mainstream gaming space, but it may be difficult to compete with integrated options like PS VR.

Well. That looks comfortable.

John Carmack sues Zenimax for $22.5 million

Oh, boy. You may remember that just last month Zenimax was awarded $500 million in a lawsuit against Oculus VR, with the basis of the suit being that John Carmack had stolen documents and a dev tool from Zenimax and worked on VR while still employed there. Zenimax also said they would be seeking an injunction which would cripple the Rift.

Carmack has vehemently denied the allegations from the start, and has now hit back at Zenimax with a lawsuit of his own. Turns out it’s for something quite different though – Carmack is alleging that Zenimax never made the final payment owed to him for the $150 million acquisition of id Software in 2009.

Zenimax responded with the usual claim that Carmack’s suit is “completely without merit”. I do have to say though, if someone owed me $22.5 million I wouldn’t wait until I lost a completely different lawsuit to them to point it out.

I’m not taking sides here, but it’s weird. Is Carmack so flush he let that amount of money slide for eight years?

Smash Bros for Switch? You bet

Nintendo of America big cheese and runner-up in 2014’s “name that sounds like an NPC” contest Reggie Fils-Aime strongly hinted this week that we’ll be seeing a Smash game on the Switch.

Smash is obviously one of our best-selling franchises. What we say is that the philosophy that Nintendo has from a development standpoint is that for every platform, we want to have at least one [each] of our classic franchises.

“There’s gonna be one great Super Mario experience, there’s gonna be great Zelda experience, so you can expect, you can anticipate at some point in the future, who knows when, that all of our franchises will be addressed. We know that the fans love these games, love this content, so stay tuned.”

This isn’t a surprise by any means, but good to know.

Maybe this time more than 27 people will actually get to play it.

System Shock remake “is for PC gamers first”

Well hey now, that’s something I haven’t heard in a while. Nightdive Studios, the people behind the badass looking System Shock remake and the flaming garbage pile looking Turok 2 remake said this week that the game chose Unreal Engine 4 as their base as it was best for their purposes, and had nothing to do with a desire to focus on consoles. Game director Jason Fader had this to say in a recent Q&A:

“Personally, I’m a PC gamer through and through (mainly because I can’t aim well with a controller). System Shock is being made for PC gamers first. It would be a shame if only PC folk could appreciate our game, so we’ll be bringing it to console as well, but PC is the main target for everything we do.”

Score one for the mouse and keyboard crowd.

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