Harmonix announces DropMix, a music-mixing card game

You know sometimes when you see a game in action, and you just KNOW exactly how it works? You can see elements of the game design in the UI, or in the environment, and you can piece together what sort of game it is? Yeah, that doesn’t apply to DropMix, the next music-infused game from Rock Band developers Harmonix.

DropMix is played through an Android or iOS device, in conjunction with physical cards and a large peripheral called the DropMix board. It looks like a Duel Disk from Yu-Gi-Oh, only not worn on the arm. The cards are placed onto the board, and begin playing part of a well known song. It may be vocals, or a background track, or a bass line, and each new card interacts with previous cards to mix a new song. Here’s a trailer.

A blog post on Harmonix’s website outlines that games are played either 1v1, or 2v2, and whoever gets 21 points first wins. Points are earned by playing cards, which creates a unique music track that plays from your smartphone. Now, that doesn’t answer a crucial question: how the flaming hell does it work? How is score calculated? How do you judge competitive music mixing? Why isn’t this technology being used for other card games? According to Polygon, the board and a pack of 60 cards will sell for $99 (roughly R1,300) and additional packs of cards will vary between $4.99 to $14.99 (R65-R200, respectively). Harmonix has revealed that there will be more than 300 DropMix cards released in 2017, and have revealed a sample of the tracks:

DropMix will launch in September 2017 for Android and iOS. Considering South Africa got all of the Rock Band games and peripherals, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see a local release of DropMix.

Sources: Harmonix / Polygon