StarCraft remaster rumours back in the news, require more vespene gas

So, this one’s been in the system for some time already. Back in August 2016, a Korean website reported that Blizzard was prepping to announce a remastered version of StarCraft at the StarCraft II World Championships in September, with additional info drops scheduled for BlizzCon in November. That didn’t happen, obviously, but now “industry sources” are apparently claiming that a StarCraft: Remastered is in the works with a reveal expected as soon as next week and a launch in May or June, and you know what they say. Where there’s smoke, your base is under attack. Actually, no, that’s my base. I’m super rubbish at StarCraft.

The new, uh, news comes via Sports Seoul, which is also in Korean but user Waxangel over on the Team Liquid forum summarised the article:

Sports Seoul is reporting that according to industry sources, Blizzard is aiming to release an updated version of the original StarCraft around May-June of this year.

Called “StarCraft: Remastered,” the remake is set to feature high-resolution graphics, as well as an updated service. Gameplay would not be changed from the original StarCraft: Brood War.

According to Sports Seoul, Blizzard secretly revealed details on SC: Remastered to industry insiders at BlizzCon 2016, focusing on esports broadcasters and sponsors.

Blizzard is aiming to make the official announcement in Korea, which may even come as soon as next week according to Sports Seoul. May-June is said to be planned timing of release, with talks ongoing with partners for large scale ceremonies/events at launch.

Not totally coincidentally, StarCraft remains an enormously popular game in Korea, where now, even almost 20 years since it launched, it ranks among the top 10 most-played games in the country’s “bang” cafés.

Via SAGamer, Kotaku.

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