Over-the-top 90s-style shooter Strafe has been delayed

Strafe is a thing that went big after the release of its Kickstarter reveal trailer about two years ago, and it’s a thing Dane fell in love with shortly after. I’m not all that into “retro-style” games, but seeing as Dane’s super busy making hard-hitting videos about some stuff, it falls on me to report on an unfortunate bit of news.

Developer Pixel Titans has announced that fans will need to wait a little longer to get their hands on the game, about six weeks longer actually.

Originally slated for release on 28 March, Strafe‘s launch has been pushed back to 9 May, reveals game director Thom Glunt in a press release. The reason? Polygons, man.

Strafe requires over 150,000 meticulously placed polygons to create its bleeding edge graphics. Through an unexpected legal entanglement and a series of clerical errors, nearly 25,000 of those polygons arrived late to Pixel Titans world headquarters thus delaying the game by a few weeks.”

Oh well, at least there’s a new(ish) trailer to ogle at.

Strafe will release on PC and PS4.